Racism On Syracuse Campus

This last week there have been reports of a fraternity on the campus of Syracuse has posted a video that has many racist slurs that are said In this video. This video was uploaded to the fraternity Facebook group message to the rest of the members. In this video they say many racist things like a chant that says “to always have hatred in my heart.” This is meant to be said towards blacks, Mexicans and Jews. This video also shows some members saying that Jews should “get back into the showers” This is referring back to the Nazis treatment to the Jews during world war 2. This video was leaked to the schools newspaper by member of the school.

The school has shut down this fraternity pending investigation that they will be going through. The school said that they do not have any tolerance for this kind of behavior on campus. They will be looking into this matter and get to the bottom of everything. However many people on campus say that it is the same thing every time. They say that the school is sorry for this behavior here is some consolers you can talk to. They say that the school is not trying to stop these instances from happening they only care about that happens afterwards. Now the video has not been released to the public until the investigation is over. Hopeful the school will find these people guilty of racial discrimination against many people and kick them off campus for there actions.



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  1. If the students are found for racial discrimination is the problem solved? I believe that it should be up to the student body and administration to have a better system in which to educate students about racial issues. But, it would take the a great effort from everyone at Syracuse for a real change to happen.

    Like you, I hope these students are kicked of campus for racial discrimination.

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