Syllabus_His 201_Civil Rights Movement spring 2018

CRM_SPR 2018_Peer_Review_and_Critical_Reading

Historiography Prompts for CRM_spring 2018

Brief Suggestions for Writing History

Chicago Manual of Style


Presentist vs. Historical

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CRM_spr 18_Guidelines for Final Paper

Strategic note-taking_CRM Spring 2018

Negroes With Guns_Part I

Negroes With Guns_Part II

Book Review Guide and Samples


Hasan K Jeffries_Bloody Lowndes_Review by Susan Ashmore

Jeanne Theoharis_Review_Thomas Sugrue’s Sweet Land of Liberty

Oral histories:

Civil Rights History Project

Civil Rights History Project/Digital Humanities@UNC

Documenting the American South: Oral Histories of the American South

Southern Oral History Program

Southern Oral History Archive-The Marian Cheek Jackson Center

SNCC Digital Gateway

The Black Press

Black Studies Center

The Freedom Archives


The Montgomery Bus Boycott

Alice’s Ordinary People

“No Easy Walk” (Albany and Birmingham campaigns)