Week 4

W 4 Feb 6-8  

T- Emilye Crosby “It wasn’t the Wild West“It wasn’t the Wild West”: Keeping Local Studies in Self-Defense Historiography and film, Robert F. Williams, Negroes With Guns.


R- Laurie Green_Challenging the Civil Rights Narrative: Women, Gender, and the ‘Politics of Protection’” and Danielle McGuire, “It was like all of us had been Raped” and Claudette Colvin.

Outline: Green, Challenging the Civil Rights Narrative

What is the argument of each section? Provide 2 examples.


I. Women, Gender, and Leadership

II. Rethinking the Opposition Between National and Local

III. Race, Work, and the Household

IV. Racial Violence and the “Politics of Protection”

V. Expanding The Meaning Of Rights: Health, Hunger, and Poverty


Gender and Black Freedom Movement, From Forty Years Later