Discriminnation In Toledo GM Plant

The Issue that I have found happened close to use in a General Motors plant in Toledo Ohio. The issue that I have found is about discrimination inside the work place between black and white employees. 5 black employs have come forward saying that they have been racial discriminated in there workplace. There are three documented reports that were filled. The first was that nooses were found hanging in the plant. The second was that there have been many Nazi symbols have been drawn in the restrooms. The last instance was that the phrase “whites only” on the bathroom. All three of these instances are clear cases that there has been racial discrimination happening here in this plant.

While these are very clear signs that racial laws have been broken here the officials from the plant have said that they have done nothing wrong. Here is a statement from the officials. “While the incidents are unacceptable, we took prompt action to investigate and address the issues that occurred at the Toledo Transmission facility. We are reviewing our next steps and maintain we have not violated any laws,” Now they other side feels that there has been laws broken here. “Hopefully their lawyers will go back and say, ‘we need to put policies in place, we need to not fluff it, we need to address it, and we need to not try to sweep it under the rug,’” The courts have said that there is not enough evidence here to make a case against this. Many people hope though that they will look further into this issue.

This pertains to our class because we have learned a lot about the different racial discrimination that have happened to blacks over the years. We have seen it in there ability to gain housing where the good houses would be given to whites rather to the blacks. We have also seen discrimination through the way that white would treat and talk to blacks. They would segregated bathrooms like we see some employees tried to do in the case mentions above and they would verbal abuse them all the time. Overall this is a really plain case that discrimination has happened here and I hope that the courts relook at the evidence and make the correct ruling.




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